This is my third time in Cagayan de Oro City and the longest stay in the city of friendship. My first and second were just an ordinary trip passing through the industrial part of the city going to its port bound for Cebu (15 years ago) and (6 years ago) Camiguin. I didn’t have much time to say ‘hello CDO’ until I got a chance to direct a corporate video shoot for 3 days and 2 nights there.

My team and I were booked to stay in Primavera Residences, a condotel located beside SM City in Uptown CDO. From the rooftop, I could see how CDO has transformed over the years.

The Uptown CDO is where real estate surges from upper-class communities to commercial hubs. A part of CDO where the LGU projected its vision to expand the city for an urbanized yet sustainable district.

” One of the reasons why I love to stay here in Cagayan despite of opportunities in Davao or in Manila is that the lifestyle it gives to me not just being an entrepreneur but also a private person. I’ve never seen such view like this in other areas.” a condo unit owner said.

Living in Uptown CDO is already a jackpot for investors. Nowadays people buy properties not just because of the structure but mainly because of its location and the picturesque it gives as you open your window. I was lucky to have discovered and experienced Primavera Residences developed by ItalPinas Development Corporation who embraces green architecture.

I would recommend this place for travelers and to those who want to live in CDO for life. According to my short research, it has gained a lot of recognitions from local and abroad for being a green development. For 3 days staying here, I learned that solar panels on the rooftop provide 20% of electric needs in the entire building. According to the developer, the building is also designed to provide natural ventilation and he showed me big holes as part of structural design allowing air to get through.

My first and second impression with CDO are now changed after I saw and experienced the uptown part of the city and saw the people at the park, mostly, youngsters doing a friendly dance battle. A showcase of CDO talents.

We will see each other again CDO soonest!