This is the 17th Sambuokan Festival of the City of Mati. Despite of the challenging weather condition, the event pushed everything through with a bang.

The highlight of the festival is the street dancing competition on October 29 at Mati Sports Complex. Before the final showdown, I always check these dancers at their assembly area to snap portraits for the most photogenic street dancers.

The 10-contingents were not able to perform their Final Showdown due to a prevailing downpour. With the EXECOM and the consensus of the participants, the final performance had to be cancelled. Judges picked winners based on their tabulation at their street dance performance.

It broke my heart not to witness what they had prepared but we cannot afford to compromise the safety and health of the dancers if we pushed the show through.

Here are my Top Picks for the most beautiful and photogenic street dancers of Mati.

A STREET STYLE outfit while covering Sambuokan 2017.

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