While smartphones are getting crazier each year in upgrading its lenses and features, video recording devices such as mirrorless cameras, go pros, and drones are also innovating to fit in the digital world called social media. One of these gadgets is the DJI OSMO POCKET.

DJI believes that the behavior of the netizens is getting faster in making a digital footprint. Everyone is always hyped to upload a content as fast as we scroll our newsfeed. Everything should be within reach. With DJI’s new product, it really makes every vlogger or filmmaker do things easier and faster. Osmo Pocket is somehow killing the heavy and bulky stabilizers in the market. Isn’t it?

In the video below, I tested its capability to record an audio in selfie mode using it’s built in microphone. As a vlogger, audio is a vital thing. In my solo ride to Mati City, Davao Oriental, the Osmo Pocket did a good job as my sole companion. No cameraman needed. Just me and this little beast.

Testing DJI OSMO POCKET in its timelapse feature
No, I’m not holding a dildo…it’s Osmo hehe

Not a perfect stabilizer camera but the quality of the video file really impressed me. I haven’t tried its 4K 60fps yet. The 1080 format is already a beas. for met. For an on-the-go video project, this tiny device here will save your time and space.

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