I have been working on a video project that requires a lot of my focus since I have to finish writing a script. It’s been delayed for two weeks and I still could not even start a word while my mind keeps on playing around with mixed thoughts which usually leads me to multi-task. I decided to cut this bad habit I’ve been creating inside me. Dropped other small projects. Took the key and drove to a place for me to cool down.

It took me until 4pm to decide and then rushed to the higher ground called BUDA – the boundary of Bukidnon and Davao (BuDa). It was actually a bad idea to drive on a late afternoon from the city going to Buda (4,000 feet above sea level) while searching for a spot for the first time. At the back seat, were my sons and my wife. They started to freak out when the fogs and darkness enveloped our way. The supposed 2-hour drive became 3. The on-going road construction, the up and downhills with zero visibility will absolutely scare the sh!t out of you. Well, that’s part of the adventure. Millenials, you know! Yolo.

Welcome to Highway 81. A friend of mine recommended me this place which is located just along the Bukidnon-Davao Road in Brgy. Salumay, Marilog District, Davao City. Na realize ko ang laki talaga ng Davao City no? Finally, I found the right place to think and conceptualize on the video project I am doing for AMP’s client. ( Check my page here). The cool weather, the pine trees and the picturesque view were all my brain wanted to unlock the waves of creativity with the help of the resort’s special Suman and Hot Chocolate Coffee.

Sa wakas, natapos ko rin ang Video Ad Script!


We got the small cottage good for 2-3 pax
Along the way to Highway 81

I can work here all day

Side Note: While everything is almost perfect, there is only one point I wish the owner find it very vital — security. As soon as my loved ones fell to sleep I remember I left something inside my car and I had to go downstairs on a rainy foggy midnight. The wooden gate was open. No security personnel or whosoever guarding the entrance/exit area. My car was only parked along the BuDa national highway. Call me praning but meyn the setting on the parking area was like in the Silent Hill Movie. Took me only 2 minutes to get my charger inside the car but it felt like forever. Evil people can easily put you down, rob your car or worse, kidnap your family. Yun lang naman po, beke nemen Heywey 81! Kami lang kasi guests that night.

VLOG: Sa sobrang busy, pinagtagpi tagpi ko nalang ang Your Story vids ko. Kapagod mag shoot. Lolz.

Cottage Rates

▌Good for 2 with breakfast = P1600

▌Good for 2 with bigger bed and A frame room with breakfast = P1800

▌Good for 4 to 5 with breakfast for 4 = P3200

▌Good for 6 with kichen, refridgerator, Stove and gas, oven toaster, griller, purified water, hot and cold shower with complementary breakfast for 4 = P3600

▌Good for 10 with kitchen outside, free usage of stove and gas, griller, kitchen utensils, purified water without breakfast = P3700 – You can also add P800 to avail breakfast for 10 persons so you can save P200).

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